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Introducing The Dexters Mates Rates Loyalty Scheme!

We at Dexters like to think of our loyal customers as good mates. We may not go for a drink in the pub every Friday night or play football together on a Sunday morning, but you help us make workwear better for everyone.

That’s why we’ve decided to reward you, the Dexters customer with our mates rates.

Mates Rates is the brand new Dexters loyalty scheme that saves you money on your workwear. The more you shop Dexters, the more you save.

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So How Does It Work?

We’ll award you points for everything you purchase. These points can then be redeemed for money off on our site.

For every £1 you spend, you get 1 point. And every 100 points gets you £5 off your next shop!

But that’s not all, you’ll also get points for sharing your order on social media, and for referring Dexters to your friends.

For those of you who’ve already jumped on the Dexters bandwagon, we’ve credited your accounts with Mates Rates points for all of your past purchases as well, so you can start spending right away.

How Do I Earn Points?

There are loads of ways to earn points, including:

Make an Order

For every £1 you spend with us, you get one point.

Refer a Friend

Receive 100 points for refering a friend! They get a 5% voucher too!

Welcome Points

Receive 50 points just for signing up!

Share on Twitter

You get 25 points for sharing on Twitter.

Share on Facebook

You get 25 points for sharing on Facebook.

Happy Birthday!

You'll get 25 points as a special birthday gift!

Where Do I Sign?

If you have an account on our online store, you’re already a Dexters Mates Rates member. All you have to do is start shopping, and the points will start rolling in.

If you don’t have an account, you can join Mates Rates just by creating one. We’ll even give you 50 bonus points just for signing up!

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How It Works

Our workwear isn’t just like any other. It’s designed by professionals who wanted to create workwear that’s flexible and adaptable as well as durable and designed for professionals. So we created an innovative and unique pocket system that lets your trouser adapt to whatever you’re doing.

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Our unique pockets are only compatible with our workwear so make sure you add a pair of Dexters trousers or shorts to your cart too!

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