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How It Works


We researched the market to find the toughest, hard-wearing easy care fabrics available. After extensive trials incorporating both domestic and industrial laundry tests and finding nothing that matched our exact requirement, we decided to develop our own unique workwear fabric. The properties were durability, comfort, and easy care.

Main Fabric

Working with our sister company, we specially developed the fabric for  Dexters Workwear. We started with a Unique 245gsm spun Polyester which gives the fabric a natural aesthetic as well as long lasting durability.

This is woven into a robust Rip Stop construction which imparts high strength and wear properties to the cloth.

The dyes that are used to colour the fabric are imbedded into the molecular structure of the fabric resulting in very high fastness to multiple washing and wear.

This is woven into a robust Rip Stop construction which imparts high strength and wear properties to the cloth.

The trouser is also coated with DuPont TEFLON®  acting as a powerful soil and water repellent finish. This in combination with the exceptional low moisture absorbency of the fibre results in a trouser which is extremely resistant to soiling and  requires little drying after washing.

Cordura Contrast Fabric

For more than 30 years, CORDURA® fabric has been the recognized worldwide choice for manufacturers of high performance clothing and apparel.

It has a strong reputation for toughness and durability, and is recognized for its long-lasting resistance to  abrasions, tears and scuffs.

Endura Pocket fabric

The detachable pockets are made from High Tenacity filament Polyester coated with a Flame Retardant water proof Polyurethane.

A fluorocarbon finish is also applied which acts as a further water and soil repellent. This is an extremely robust and durable fabric designed for use in a frontline industrial environment and is more than capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use.


We only use the finest high quality raw materials on our garments. We specified YKK plastic components which are antistatic and hardwearing.

The product is stitched together with a strong Coates core spun polyester thread which will withstand constant wear.

Our webbing Velcro and clips are Military standard used in the manufacture of Mollie system body armour.

How It Works

Our workwear isn’t just like any other. It’s designed by professionals who wanted to create workwear that’s flexible and adaptable as well as durable and designed for professionals. So we created an innovative and unique pocket system that lets your trouser adapt to whatever you’re doing.

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Our unique pockets are only compatible with our workwear so make sure you add a pair of Dexters trousers or shorts to your cart too!

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