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5 Must Have Tools for the Modern Electrician

For a professional electrician, having the right tools for the job may be more important than for any other trade....

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#WearDexters & Grab Some Free Power Tool Gloves!

We hope you’re enjoying your Dexters workwear. As we’re all about helping tradespeople work just how they want to, we’d...

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5 Must Have Tools for the Modern Carpenter

Every carpenter has a few tools they simply couldn’t live without. Not only that, but the tools that work perfectly...

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5 Amazing Perks of Being a Self-Employed Tradesperson

Being a self-employed tradesperson can be tough; there’s a lot of hard work and nobody to fall back on. But...

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A Closer Look at Our Knee Pads! - Dexters TV

Wonky knee pads are the bane of many a tradesman’s life, but Dexters trousers have a simple trick for keeping...

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A Great Way to Get the Best From Your Big Wipes! - Dexters TV

Every tradesman needs to clean up after themselves, and like many of you, we love using Big Wipes to get...

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Testing the Strength of Our Workwear Clips! - Dexters TV

We get plenty of questions asking just how strong the clips on our workwear pockets are. After all, what good...

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The Self-Employed Electrician’s Checklist

Being self-employed is the ultimate freedom for any sparky. Just you, the open road and all the sausage rolls you...

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Sparkies vs Plumbers: The Ultimate Showdown!

It’s an argument that’s raged on for as long as anyone can remember. Sparkys and plumbers have been locked in...

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Win a Decorator's Workwear Bundle & Tools in Our #ToughTools Competition!

As professional decorators, we all have our go-to tools for when things get tough. When our backs are against the...

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Catch us at the Flooring Show 2017!

We’re happy to announce that the Dexters team will be exhibiting at this year’s Flooring Show in Harrogate! We’ll be...

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5 Signs You’re Working with a Cowboy Plumber

Despite what you might think, cowboy plumbers don’t ride onto jobs on horseback complete with a stetson and leather trousers....

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How It Works

Our workwear isn’t just like any other. It’s designed by professionals who wanted to create workwear that’s flexible and adaptable as well as durable and designed for professionals. So we created an innovative and unique pocket system that lets your trouser adapt to whatever you’re doing.

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Our unique pockets are only compatible with our workwear so make sure you add a pair of Dexters trousers or shorts to your cart too!

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