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The Latest Pocket Ideas from the Dexters Workshop…

The Dexters team doesn’t just sit around watching daytime TV (well, maybe sometimes). We’re beavering away in our workshop, coming up with great ideas for new workwear pockets.

Whilst we do spend time brainstorming brilliant ideas such as a ‘Cornish Pasty Pocket’ or a ‘beer brewing’ pocket (we can’t guarantee we’ll be releasing these any time soon), we also manage to come up with something that’s actually of use for us professional painters and decorators.

On our recent trip to the National Painting & Decorating Show, we spoke to loads of passionate professionals and chatted about what they’d like to see from our workwear pockets. After some great recommendations and ideas, here’s what we’ve got in the works…

Traditional Decorators Pouch Pocket

At the National Painting & Decorating Show, we talked to plenty of trade professionals who like to use a traditional decorator’s pouch when wallpapering. So we’ve set about developing a pocket that fits across the front two loops of our workwear trousers, just like a traditional decorator’s pouch.

Just like all of our pockets, there’ll be space for everything you need to do a great job, and you’ll be able to do it more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Keep an eye out for a Traditional Decorator’s Pouch Pocket hitting our online store soon.

Single Shear Pockets

Most regular decorator’s trousers have a shear pocket on the right hand side - which is ok, but really annoying if you happen to be left handed.

Traditional shear pockets also restrict movement, which isn’t exactly great when you’re handling sharp objects.

We think a more flexible Dexters pocket is the answer, and the trade professionals we spoke to at the show agree.

Our Single Shear Pocket will be easily attachable to either side, and safely accommodate different sizes of shears.

Wallpaper Sponge Pocket

Stuffing a wallpaper sponge into standard workwear trousers probably isn’t the best idea. So we’re developing a cleaver, sealable pocket for holding a standard sized sponge.

The pocket should make papering simpler and more efficient. We’re also making the pocket’s inside from waterproof material, so you won’t end up leaving a job with soggy trousers.

Once you’re done, just wash out the sponge and store it in the pocket, that way it’ll be right at your side when you next need it. No more losing sponges and having to borrow a mate’s.

Paint Carrier Pocket

Yes you read that right, a pocket to carry your paint.

We’re working with some very clever guys to develop a pocket that can hold a small amount of paint. Perfect for when you’re up a ladder painting window frames or gutters.

When all of the technical work is finished, we’ll have a non-drip paint kettle that fits perfectly into our Dexters Pocket system and gives you access to paint for awkward or hard to reach spots.

This is a pocket suggestion that kept coming up at the National Painting & Decorating Show, so we just had to take on the challenge.

Soon, you’ll be painting high and low without a pot in sight.

Have Your Own Killer Pocket Idea?

These pockets are just some of the exciting ideas we’re working on right now, but we’re always looking for the next bright idea.

Do you have that niggling problem that always gets under your skin? Or do you just really want to see the Cornish Pasty Pocket we mentioned earlier?

Drop us a comment, tweet, email, morse code message or anything else you fancy and let us know your fantastic pocket idea. If we like it, we might just make it.

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