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The 6 Worst Items to Accidentally Leave In Your Workwear (& the Wash)

How many times have you lost a tool only to find it stuck inside your washing machine weeks later? It’s happened to the best of us...

Sometimes it can be something as harmless as a small rag you use to clean up after yourself, but other times you’re not so lucky, and come home to find your washing machine making a terrible racket because your screwdriver is stuck inside.

The following six items are probably some of the worst ones to accidentally leave in your workwear - and the wash. We doubt there’s anyone out there who hasn’t accidentally left at least one of these in their workwear pockets!

1 - Screws

For us trade pros screws are like sand, they get absolutely everywhere.

We have so many of these that we probably don’t even realise when we lose one of them or leave them in our pockets - but our washing machines will certainly suffer for it.

Screws and washing machines don’t mix well, and let’s face it, we’ve probably all been in the situation where the washing machine breaks down and it’s all our fault because we left our screws in our workwear pockets.

2 - Tape measures

If you’ve left one of these in the wash before, you’ve probably been left with chewed up, mangled pieces of tape. And if you’re one of those people who likes to leave markings on tapes as reminders, you’re going to regret ever putting your workwear in the wash.


3 - Pens & Pencils

We may have plenty of them lying around the house, but once they get stuck in the wash and leave ink stains all over your favourite clothes, you want to throw all the pens you own away.

4 - Dirty Sponges

Dirty sponges must always be washed separately - we know the drill. Yet there’s always that one tradesperson who seems to think it’s okay to leave their dirty sponges in their workwear pockets because “it’s all going in the wash anyway”.

It never gets washed out properly, and it’ll just leave coloured stains on all your clothes. And the next time you open your washing machine, it’s to find a mess.


5 - Penknife

It sounds like an absolute rookie mistake, but one of us has most likely accidentally done this in the past. We accidentally leave a penknife in our work pocket, put them in the wash and then find half our clothes in shreds a couple hours later. Or even worse - it’s damaged the inside of your washing machine or punctured a pipe.

6 - Food

Yes, there are people out there who leave their leftover and forgotten food items in their workwear, and find a disgusting soggy mess when they later take their gear out of the wash. This is why you have to be sneaky and finish off all food on site.



What’s the worst item you’ve left in your workwear?

So there you have it - the six absolute worst items to accidentally leave in your workwear (and the wash). We’re sure there are plenty more of these though - so tell us, what’s the worst tool/item you’ve left in your workwear pockets? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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