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Introducing Our Female Decorators Workwear

At Dexters, we’re all about making personalised, customisable and trade specific workwear available to every single tradesperson, so today, we’re introducing Dexters female decorators workwear!

We’ve taken everything great from our men’s workwear, including our innovative modular pocket system, and redesigned it for the perfect female fit.

These aren’t just a pair of men’s workwear trousers with female” in the title, far from it. We’ve designed our female decorators workwear from scratch - for comfort, durability and better working.

The unique modular pocket system on our trousers allows your workwear pockets to be switched in and out depending on the task at hand, instead of being fixed to one position. Pockets on the trousers can be swapped depending on the trade and depending on the job. 

Of course, everything about our pocket system is coming to our female workwear too, and all of our existing pockets are compatible.

Not only that, but just like with our men’s workwear, we’re developing our female workwear with the help of female decorators across the country. So once you pick up your new workwear, join the the rest of our community over on Facebook or Twitter and help us make our workwear even better!

We believe that every tradesperson should have the right workwear for the job, and the launch of our female decorators workwear is a big step towards giving everyone in the trades the tools they need to get the job done.

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How It Works

Our workwear isn’t just like any other. It’s designed by professionals who wanted to create workwear that’s flexible and adaptable as well as durable and designed for professionals. So we created an innovative and unique pocket system that lets your trouser adapt to whatever you’re doing.

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Our unique pockets are only compatible with our workwear so make sure you add a pair of Dexters trousers or shorts to your cart too!

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