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Grab a Free Lanyard with Every Order This Weekend!

To say thanks to all of our customers over our first few months, and hi to our new ones, we’re throwing in a lanyard free of charge with every single order this weekend!

Our latest trades have just launched, with Plumber’s, Electrician’s and Carpenter’s trousers being added to our store. So all you decorators can’t brag to mates in other trades that you’re kitted out in Dexters trousers and they aren’t. To welcome everyone to the Dexters family, invest in some trousers, pockets, a t-shirt or anything else you like, and we’ll sweeten the deal with a free lanyard.

Carrying round heavy tools has always been a pain, and keeping them to hand isn’t as simple as with a screwdriver or brush. Adding a lanyard to your Dexters trousers lets you carry heavy tools easily and safely.

Get shopping and pick up your free lanyard!

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How It Works

Our workwear isn’t just like any other. It’s designed by professionals who wanted to create workwear that’s flexible and adaptable as well as durable. So we created an innovative and unique pocket system that lets your trouser adapt to whatever you’re doing.

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Our unique pockets are only compatible with our workwear so make sure you add a pair of Dexters trousers or shorts to your cart too!

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