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8 Useful & Innovative Tools for the Modern Painter & Decorator

At Dexters, we’re always looking for tools and innovative new products that can improve our work. After all, only the very best of decorating tools can take pride of place in a Dexters pocket.

We’ve had our fair share of experiences with bad tools over the years too, from leaky paint pails to brushes that shed their bristles at the first sign of paint.

To make sure you avoid the duds and pick up some killer equipment, here are 5 useful and innovative tools for the modern painter and decorator.


GripperCloth Dust Sheet

It’s happened to us all. You’re so pleased with your job that you decide to head down the stairs a little too enthusiastically and end up on your back - thanks to the slipperiest drop cloth ever.


Well we got fed up of sliding everywhere on tarps and drop cloths ages ago and switched to these non-slip ones from GripperCloth. It’s a simple idea and it’s amazing that everyone isn’t already using them.

A specially developed, sticky surface on the underside of the cloths makes sure they stay put no matter what.

Not great for our lunchtime supply of painting fail videos though.

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Harris Down to Earth Rollers

Designed and manufactured by British company Harris, the Down to Earth Roller is made from biodegradable materials and recycled plastic.

Down to earth rollers

For the environmentally conscious professional, these are a great shout. They’re great for the environment, and will provide a great finish too.

These rollers are suitable for use with any paint, and are a great addition to any decorator’s kit.

The handle is made from 65% cornstarch, and the sleeve is made from recycled drinks bottles, so you can keep on the Lucozade at lunch time and tell your mates you’re saving the planet.

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Fox Original Paint Brushes

These brushes are made in Britain and with the modern decorator in mind.

Fox paint brushes

They match traditional styling with modern technology, with bristles specially formulated to handle modern paint formulations. They’re pretty good to paint with too.

These brushes will sit in your Dexters pocket just fine.

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Dunlop Flexible Acrylic Filler

There are a huge number of different caulk products on the market, but the best come from Dunlop.

Dunlop filler

You can say goodbye to cracking and paint over it in just 60 minutes. Plenty of time for a quick tea break and a bacon sandwich.

Dunlop Acrylic Fillers can be used both internally and externally for skirting boards, frames and cracks.

What’s not to like?

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Tesa Masking Tape

Tesa’s Masking Tape products will give you a clean, sharp finish every single time.

Tesa masking tape

They offer a wide range of different tapes including indoor, outdoor and tapes for sensitive surfaces. There’s something here for every job.

Their standard tape can be left on surfaces for up to 6 months with no residue, although if a painting job is taking you 6 months, you might be going wrong somewhere.

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Tajima Caulking Gun

So you’ve got your top of the line Dunlop Caulk, you just need the Rolls Royce of caulking guns to apply it with. The Tajima Caulking Gun is just that.

Tajima caulking gun

Made in Japan, it has a special, hardened steel shaft and thrust plates for great performance.

Changing tubes is hassle-free and an extra long barrel, rugged steel construction and strong cast aluminum handle make for a quality product.

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Wooster Bucket & Tray Range

Wooster’s buckets and trays are by far the most popular of their kind among decorators, and it’s not hard to see why.

Wooster bucket

Their quality is unmatched and they’re made from polypropylene in order to resist solvents and paint buildup.

You’re sure to find the pail or bucket for the job from their range. Never before have buckets been so exciting…

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Dexters Trousers & Pockets

With all of this wonderful kit you’re going to be hauling around on your next job, wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to put it all?

That’s where a pair of Dexters trousers comes in. Pair them with our unique pockets and you can simply clip on and off the tools you need for each job.

They’re lightweight and hard-wearing too, so you’ll have a workwear solution that lasts.


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What’s Your Tool of Choice?

Do you have a particular tool you can’t get enough of? A brush that just won’t quit or a wallpaper steamer that cuts the job in half? We always like to hear about great tools, so drop us a tweet, message or comment and let us know.

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