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7 Ways Plumbers Can Work More Efficiently & Make More Money

Trade pros are always looking for ways to work smarter and more efficiently - because we like to keep our customers satisfied (and also to make more money).

But for plumbers, your jobs usually tend to involve getting your hands dirty, whether that’s from cleaning a clogged toilet or being down a drain all day. Trying to keep at it and continue to work as efficiently as possible can be a challenge at times.

We’ve put together these tips for you so that you can work more efficiently as a plumber and make more money!

1 -  Invest in Quality Workwear

Before you do anything else, take a good look at your workwear wardrobe. Us trade pros need to make sure we not only look the part, but we also need to invest in some good quality workwear that lasts long, and can help us do the job as best as possible.

Time for a bit of shameless self promotion, but here at Dexters, we create and develop trade specific, stylish, interchangeable workwear for plumbers - to help you work quickly and smartly.

Our workwear pockets are designed keeping plumbers and heating engineers in mind - you need different tools than decorators and carpenters, so why have the same pockets? Our pockets can hold all the tools you need, and can be easily clipped on and off when working on different jobs such as fixing pipes, repairing boilers etc. depending on the tools for the job. They can also be placed anywhere on your trousers for ease of use - so if you’re left handed, you can easily clip them onto the left trouser leg!  

2 - Get a Good Website

Having a good, up to date website is always key to have in place. Customers will want to know more about you and your work before trusting you with a job, so having a smashing website set up to showcase your many talents and areas of expertise should definitely be on your list.

Expert Trades offer website packages and will help to create and build a professional website that is designed specifically for trade pros to win more work and increase your online visibility so feel free to take a look at their packages.

3 - Invest in Some Robust, Quality Tools

Without the right tools, you’re pretty much useless. Invest money in some robust, good quality tools that will help you smash out every job to the highest possible standard.

Avoid buying cheap tools - while you may want to spend less, cheap tools will lead to botched jobs and unhappy customers - definitely not the way to go if you’re looking for that salary increase!

4 - Get a Professional Van

Once more jobs come rolling in, you’re going to need a reliable and professional means of transport. Get yourself a fancy new van to get you from one job to another - and also to store all your tools and gear.

Be sure to get a van that looks professional - it’ll help to increase your customers confidence in you and make you look good too as you’re out and about.

5 - Keep Your Plumbing Knowledge up to Date!

Plumbers are often faced with a wide variety of jobs. One day you’ll be fixing a water leak, and the next you’ll be asked to work on someone’s gas supply. It’s always a good idea to keep a grounded and up to date knowledge of not just your own trade industry, but others too.

Plumbing jobs tend to overlap at times, so it’s helpful to stay on top of things and stay informed about the jobs you’re required to do. Not only will this help you work better, but you can also wow both your mates and your customers with your impressive knowledge.

Look at certifications and qualifications, or even courses, to continue to work on your knowledge of the plumbing landscape.

6 - Get involved in the community

Sometimes support and advice from other trade pros is all you need to be able to do a better job and make some more money.

Our Dexters Facebook community is also growing, with over 3,000 trade members engaging and sharing tips, advice and stories together.  Expert Trades also boasts a community of over 16,000 members who are all willing to give a hand and share their expertise with other trade pros.

There are also many Facebook and other social media groups out there for trade pros to get together, share tips and advice, and just engage in some friendly banter. 

7 - Always Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the key to being successful - and while it may be hard to do that as a plumber, it’s always good to plan out your day/week in advance so you have a good idea of what you’re going to need each day.

Create a list of everything you need to get done each day/week - and categorise by time or deadline for each task. This will help you smash through all your jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Following these handy steps will not only help you work more efficiently, but you’ll be sure to see an impressive wage increase sometime very soon.

Have any more handy tips for plumber pros? Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what helps you work more efficiently and keeps the money rolling in!

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