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6 Must Have Tools for The Modern Plumbing Professional

The modern plumber is always on the lookout for the best tools around. When it comes to tackling troublesome leaks and jumping into plumbing emergencies, we need the best possible equipment at our side.

The last thing we want is a rusty wrench or blunt tubing cutter - we’re in the business of doing the best job possible with the best gear we can find.

Here are our 6 must have tools for the modern plumbing professional…

Ridgid Close Quarters Tubing Cutters

Cracking up a floorboard and finding some other plumber’s shoddy work is one of our worst nightmares. But it happens and when it does, we need a nifty little tool like this to get into tight spaces.

If some plumber stuffs piping into hard to reach spaces, these Ridgid Close Quarters Tubing Cutters are just what you need to cut pipes and clean up their work.

tube cutters

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Milwaukee Adjustable Wrenches

Every plumber has a use for adjustable wrenches at some point, and these are some of the best around.

Unlike some cheaper wrenches, the thread is stiff enough to keep a steady width, and they’ll clip nicely onto a lanyard too.

Probably most important for us plumbers though - they’re chrome plated, so no horrible rust.


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FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter

This isn’t a staple of every plumber’s toolbox, but for those who need it, the FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter is the best in class.

It makes detecting moisture and measuring it a breeze, so if you’re a sucker for fancy toys, you’ll struggle to resist this one.

Moisture meter

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Milwaukee ‘Cheater’ Pipe Wrench

The name says it all really. Using the Milwaukee ‘Cheater’ Pipe Wrench seems almost unfair at times.

The handle’s pretty comfortable for long periods of work, and the jaw grips better than anything else.

We’re yet to come across a pipe wrench that does the job better.

Pipe wrench

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Autel Rechargeable Inspection Camera

Shelling out a little more for a top quality product can make all the difference, and this Autel Rechargeable Inspection Camera will certainly prove worth the investment.

Its 5.5mm narrow probe camera will give you a look at even the smallest of spaces, and it’s as durable as they get too.

After all, it’s much better than sticking your head down pipes and holes all day.

Inspection camera

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Dexters Plumber’s Workwear

If you’re going to be packing your belt with a bunch of great new tools, you’ll want the workwear to match. That’s where our Dexters Plumber’s Workwear comes in.

Interchangeable pockets mean you can switch between jobs in a flash and keep the right tools for the job by your side all of the time.

You won’t be losing all of those shiny new tools in the back of the van somewhere.

Dexters plumbers workwear

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Know of Any Great Tools We’ve Missed?

While we like to think we’re on the ball when it comes to the best tools out there, a few always slip through the net.

Which tools can’t you do without that we haven’t included here? We’re always looking for the best gear possible, so drop us a message on Facebook, send us a tweet or come and say hi at a trade show.

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