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6 Idiotic Plumbing Fails with Simple Solutions

Every plumber dreads the sound of water streaming onto the floor. It almost definitely means you’ve made a mistake somewhere. Thankfully though, us professionals don’t make big mistakes like that very often, if at all.

For these plumbers, it’s a very different story.

They’ve all made grave errors of judgement that you or I would have avoided quite easily.

Take a look at these 6 idiotic plumbing fails with simple solutions…


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bucket…

I guess nobody considered the bucket might fill up?

Maybe if the guy filming actually did something rather than showing us all how wet the floor is, they’d have realised turning off the water would be quite a good idea. Or maybe he could have gone to find another bucket?


This Is What Happens If You Make Bad Jokes…

The next time you think about making a terrible joke on a site, think about this guy who really pays the price.

Karma clearly punishes bad vegetable jokes very severely, so be sure to take that into consideration the next time you come up with a cabbage related pun.


Not Exactly a High Tech Solution

Dining room chair? Check. Potato wrapped in a sock? Check. Lack of common sense? Check.

This guy has everything ready for the most unprofessional plumbing job you’ve ever seen. He just won’t quit either, no matter much his attempts fail.


Taking Leaks to another Level

There are leaks, and then there’s this leak. In fact, it’s more of a river than a leak.

We’d hate to be the plumber who caused that, but we’d really like to be in the room when he has to explain it to his supervisor.


Maybe Turn Off the Water?

This DIY plumber just keeps soldiering on. We commend his perseverance, but maybe not his refusal to just turn off the water supply.

This guy must think all plumbers complete jobs by fighting against a constant flow of water.


This Is Why You Call a Professional…

“Plumbers are expensive,” he said. “I’ll plumb in the house myself,” he said. Well this is why you call a professional.

This guy clearly fancies himself as a DIY expert, but trying to plumb in a whole house yourself is a bit of stretch.


Can You Beat these Plumbing Fails?

The fails on this list are pretty ridiculous, but can you do any better?

If one of your mates has accidentally flooded the whole site, or turned a housing estate into a lake, we want to hear about it.

Drop us a message on Facebook or send us a tweet and let us know.

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