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5 Tips for Trade Pros Working In Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching, so it’s time to prepare for working on site during the cold, dreary months we all dread.

It’s not just the cold weather that can be a challenge for us trade pros - it’s also the early dark hours, the changes in tasks you’re given, the frustratingly high demands of customers, and of course, the ridiculously timed emergency jobs.

There’s certainly plenty to take into account when preparing for working in the winter, so we’ve put together a few things that are a must:

1 - Get the Right Gear

It’s essential to ensure that you have the right gear for winter. Working outside in the cold for multiple hours at a time means you’ll require extra warmth and insulation to keep from freezing. Make sure you have extra layers on you to help stay warm on site.

If you’re looking to spruce up your winter workwear wardrobe, take a look at some of our fancy winter products - we’ve got everything from gloves to winter workwear jackets. Check out our full workwear range here.  

2 - Ensure You Have Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman insurance is a must - especially during the winter season when accidents and injuries are more likely to occur. If the worst does happen, your tradesman insurance will hopefully cover any costs and get your business up and running before you know it.

Public liability insurance can pay any legal fees and cover compensation costs if your business is blamed for any damage by customers, which can be crucial during the winter months.

You can also get tools insurance to cover the cost of any tools that are lost, stolen or damaged, or get any other cover such as buildings insurance and personal accident cover.

3 - Ensure Your Work Van is Ready for the Cold Weather

It’s not just you that needs to be prepared for the cold months - your work van needs to be prepared for the chilly weather too. Get tyre grips to prevent your van from slipping and sliding during icy conditions, and always keep de-icers, ice scrapers etc in your van to clear up your windshield.

Do a full check of all electrical appliances, light bulbs, car battery etc to ensure it is in full working condition, hopefully preventing any possible breakdowns at the worst of times.

4 - Change Your Schedule if Possible

With the shorter days coming around, you’ll likely be working outside in the dark quite often. If it’s possible, try and switch your schedule to make the most of the light hours, and reduce time spent out during the darkest and coldest hours of the day. Try and make the most of any sun or light during the day - if that’s even possible in winter!

You could also try to switch up your daily work schedule and try and get all the outdoor work done during light hours, and leave the indoor jobs for early morning or evening. By reducing the time you spend working outside in the dark, you’ll prevent any injuries or clumsy accidents from happening.

5 - Always Bring Extra Supplies

In winter, always prepare for the worst. It’s always a good idea to bring extra supplies with you wherever you go, from snow shovels and ice scrapers to extra pairs of gloves, boots and other work gear.

Keep a handy kit in your car or van containing anything you might possibly need, including flashlights, rope, jumper cables, water and non spoiling food like energy bars etc.

It may also be a good idea to pack some extra clothing items such as socks, jackets, jumpers and reflective clothing if working outside during dark hours is required.

Got any more tips?

Working in the winter can be pretty tough for us trade pros, but by thinking ahead and preparing for the upcoming months, you’ll help to prevent the worst from happening and ensure you work as best as you possibly can.

Got any more tips for helping trade pros prepare for working in winter? Just drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

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