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5 Ridiculous Construction Site Pranks They Should’ve Seen Coming

We all like to have a joke around on site. Ribbing the new guy or joking around with your mates is just part and parcel of the job.

But sometimes the prank victim should just have seen it coming well beforehand. How these guys fell for the pranks below we have no idea. Had they just looked where they were going, or paid attention to their mate’s smirking mug, they’d have had a much nicer day.

All health and safety regulations aside, these are all pretty ridiculous.

Take a look at these 5 ridiculous construction site pranks they should’ve seen coming…


Hanging Around

Did this guy not notice the huge crane when he went into the toilet? What did he think the cable attached to the top of the portaloo was for?

It’s his own fault really for not paying attention to the obvious, but one thing’s for sure, he’ll be taking his breaks somewhere fixed to the floor in future.


As Gullible as They Get

This one’s a bit of a classic prank, so all the more reason for this gullible guy to see it coming.

He must think construction workers just really like pipe lifting contests? Or maybe he just wants to show off his amazing pipe lifting skills to his new workmates, whatever the case, he should have seen this coming.


It’s All in the Preparation

We commend these guys for their dedication to perfectly preparing this prank. How well they manage to cover the hole is a testament to their professionalism and skill, if only they’d put the same amount of effort into the job.

We’re also pretty impressed that the victim manages to keep his fag in his mouth the whole time.


And It Was Going So Well…

Two words spring to mind with this prank. Look down.

Had this guy thought to do so, he would have saved a perfectly ok set of workwear. He’s clearly not the brightest tool in the box though, and this prank was so obvious that it’s nobody’s fault but his own.


Not Exactly a Luxury Cruise… 

When you think of sailing down the river you probably think of luxury yachts, champagne and amazing views. This guy gets some tape, a celotex board and a dirty canal.

When he came to work on his 18th birthday he should probably have expected something like this, he was never going to get through the day with these expert pranksters around.


What’s the Best Site Prank You’ve Seen?

There are some great pranks on this list, but can you do any better? Get in touch with us and let us know the best prank you’ve ever seen on site. Maybe you too have been taped to a celotex board? Or maybe you’re the site’s serial prankster?

Drop us a tweet, message or comment on social media and let us know.

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