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5 Must Have Tools for the Modern Electrician

For a professional electrician, having the right tools for the job may be more important than for any other trade. Mainly due to the fact that using the wrong tool could well lead to death by electrocution (something which plumbers don’t usually have to cope with).

So there’s no wonder us sparkies take plenty of care in the tools we choose. Having wire cutters or screwdrivers that aren’t up to the job just isn’t a question.

With that in mind, here are our five must have tools for the modern electrician. Be sure to let us know whether you agree or disagree with our list…


Milwaukee Gen II Combination Wire Pliers

Electrical jobs can throw a lot at you, so having these great 6-in-1 pliers from Milwaukee in your toolbag is a good move.

They’re great at cutting and stripping wires, and Milwaukee have listened to comments from sparkies on the previous version to make this Gen II model even better.

These pliers are well built and ready to tackle a whole range of jobs. Pick some up and add them to your Dexters pockets.

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Fluke 1AC-II Voltage Detector Pen

Obviously every electrician needs one of these in their toolkit, and when it comes to voltage testers it’s better not to scrimp on price.

This tester from Fluke certainly isn’t the cheapest you’ll find, but it is reliable and offers great quality. Something that’s pretty useful when you’re messing with high voltage.

A great voltage tester is a must, and this is one of the best we’ve seen around.

Buy Now From Screwfix


Cable Quick Cable Access Kit

One day, they’ll invent a robotic drone to do this kind of thing, but for the time being we’re all stuck feeding cables through stupidly awkward spaces.

Thankfully a good cable access kit like this one from Cable Quick does help a little. While cheaper kits will snap or bend going round corners, these are tough and durable so you’ll get plenty of use from them.

They also come with a handy carrying case too, so they’re not going to fall apart when your mate throws his tool bag on top of them.

Buy Now From Screwfix


Forge Steel VDE Screwdriver Set

These electrical screwdrivers from Forge Steel aren’t the most expensive around, but don’t let that put you off. They offer great quality and durability for the price.

For a good set of screwdrivers to throw in your kit, these make a great value option.

A soft grip and ergonomic design also means they offer great comfort for long periods of working.

Buy Now From Screwfix


Hilti SF 10W Drill

If you’re looking for a cordless drill that offers unmatched quality, durability and precision, look no further than this one from Hilti.

It’s able to transfer huge power surprising smoothly, and using this often feels like you’re drilling with a Rolls Royce.


Four speeds give you control over the task and outstanding performance. This cordless is really a level above the rest.

Buy Now From Hilti


What’s Your Tool of Choice?

Do you agree with the tools on this list? These might be our must have electrician’s tools but we want to hear yours.

Maybe you use a pair of pliers that blows away our choice, or a drill that’s lasted you an age?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always looking for the best electrician’s tools money can buy.

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