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5 Hilarious Painting & Decorating Fails

We’re all professionals, we like to do a good job and be proud of our work. But some things make us realise just how professional we are.

These painters and decorators just aren’t cut out for the job. Some of them are trying their best, but a lack of any common sense or painting know-how means they’re now immortalised on the internet for us to show new starters, warning them not to take the wrong path.

Paint & Pints Don’t Mix…

We applaud this guy for his perseverance. He doesn’t give up at any point, despite probably being confused by the pool of paint around his foot. The spot he’s trying to paint certainly gets done, although we’re not entirely convinced by the quality of his work.

How Does That Even Happen?

The video only shows the embarrassing aftermath of this fail, so we’re not entirely sure how it even happened. We can only imagine someone broke into the house, threw paint everywhere and left. At least, that’s the excuse we’d use.

Don’t Leave The Lid Off…

All seems innocent here, until the van opens to reveal the horrors within. He’ll probably be cleaning that out of his ears for about a month. We imagine he wanted some white Dexters trousers but didn’t want to fork out for the real thing.

Don’t Mess With This Guy…

These lads are the opposite of professional decorators, and they’d certainly need more than a pair of our trousers to sort themselves out. We were waiting for the bit after the video when they suddenly realise the homeowner will be back any minute.

Didn’t See That One Coming…

Well when we pressed play, that’s definitely not what we expected! This guy seems to be doing a pretty good job, until it all goes south very quickly. It’s not exactly his fault, but we’ve all had to work with other tradesmen who just don’t hold up their side of the deal.

What’s the worst that’s happened to you?

What’s the worst painting or decorating fail you’ve ever been a part of? Has your mate painted himself into a corner, or have you accidentally painted the wrong room?

We want to hear your worst fails, so drop us a tweet, message or comment on social media and let us know.

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