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10 Gifts for the Electrician in Your Life

Christmas is once again creeping up surprisingly quickly - which means means trying to find the time to buy gifts for everyone you know.

But we all know getting the right gifts for everyone can be hard - how do you find something your electrician mates will find useful, rather than getting them something that will get tossed into the back of their van to collect dust?

We’ve put together a list of ten different items we think would be great gift ideas for any electrician you know.

From novelty gift items to high quality tools, here’s our electricians gift guide.


1. Trust Me I’m an Electrician Hoodie - £19.95 from Amazon

Available in five different colours, this comfortable hoodie has a kangaroo pouch with a secret cable feed for earphones - save your mate from having to listen to their coworkers moan all day.

However, if this hoodie doesn’t fit your mates style, have a look at our own Dexters branded hoodie (we’ve got to try and chuck in a few of our own stuff in a gift guide!).


Electricians Hoodie

Image Credit: Hotscamp / Amazon

2. Electrician is Here Travel Mug - £18.15 from Zazzle

Sparkies are always on the go - which means regular complaints about their tea or coffee getting cold is coming. Gift them this double walled stainless steel travel mug so their drink of choice will stay hot.

Electrician Travel Mug Gift

Image Credit: Zazzle


3. 7 in 1 Multitool Pen - £8.99 from Amazon

This tech tool pen comes with seven handy functions and works as a bottle opener, a phone stand, a ruler, a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a mini flathead and a Phillips screwdriver. Uniquely designed and packaged, this makes for a great and handy gift for your electrician friend.

Image Credit: Shulaner / Amazon

4. LED Professional Torch-  £24.99 from Amazon

Lightweight and stylish, this professional LED torch will be your electrician mates best companion on the job. The energy efficient torch comes alongside a belt, 4 replacement batteries and a set of instructions in a gift box - the perfect gift for any electrician you know.

LED Torch
Image Credit: Led Lenser / Amazon

5. Tool Tote Bag - £57.59 from Buy Brand Tools

This 18” tool tote bag comes with a removable cover and is the perfect solution to storing any small and bulky tools.

With a square waterproof base that help keeps the bag upright, there’s never any need to worry about something spilling over in the bag.

Also a great place to securely store Dexters pockets full of tools!

Tool Tote Bag
Image Credit: Armeg / Buy Brand Tools

6. Electricians Starter Pack - £180.00 from Dexters Workwear

Our electrician's starter pack contains all the essential workwear any electrician will ever need - along with easily attachable pockets for your tools to get the job done quicker.

Electricians Starter Pack

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear


7. Electricians Drill Pocket - £18.00 from Dexters Workwear

Drills are one of the most frustrating tools to carry around - that’s why we designed a specific pocket to carry it in.

Drill Pocket

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear

8. Electricians Lanyard - £9.60 from Dexters Workwear

No more rummaging around for  tools - this lanyard comes with three sets of different snap locks to attach tools to it for easy and safe access. Reduce the time your mate might spend looking for tools - give them more time to eat during lunch break instead.

Dexters Lanyard

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear

9. Professional Cable Crimper Plier  - £10.99 from Amazon

This professional heavy duty cable cutter has rubberized, insulated handles for a comfortable grip and is a great tool for crimping or cutting cables. With self-adjusting jaws and fully automatic action, this tool is a handy and useful gift.

Professional Cable Crimper

Image Credit: H.W.T / Amazon

10. Electricians Screwdriver Set - £26.99 from Buy Brand Tools

Presented in a black canvas zipped case, this screwdriver set will be any electricians best friend. Containing seven high quality screwdrivers with dual component handles for increased comfort, this set is the ideal gift for electricians.

Electricians Screwdriver set

Image Credit: Irazola / Buy Brand Tools


We’re sure we’ve missed some good electricians gift ideas so do let us know your own ideas on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re an electrician yourself, tag a mate as a hint for what to buy you!

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, have a look at our full electricians collection for more ideas.

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