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10 Gifts for the Decorator in Your Life

Know any decorator mates who you think deserves a gift?

The holiday season has kicked off - and the stressful task of gift shopping has us frantically trying to come up with gifts that are better than the year before.

It can be quite difficult finding the right gifts for your mates in the decorating industry - so we’ve made things easier for you with our list of ten items we think would make just about any decorator happy - even the grumpiest of them.

From novelty gifts to handy tools, here’s our decorators gift guide:


1. This Is What an Awesome Decorator Looks Like - Travel Mug - £11.89 from Amazon

Decorators can have stressful and tiring jobs (although plumbers may disagree). This travel mug is great for regular hot drink top ups on the go and will make their day just a little easier.

Awesome decorator travel mug

Image Credit: Duke Gifts / Amazon 

Buy Now from Amazon


2. They See Me Rolling - £12.95 from Amazon

They see me rolling (paint)...

This shirt is the perfect gift for any of your decorator mates who’s known for constantly singing along to old gangsta rap singles from the noughties.

They see me rollin... Painters Shirt

Image Credit: Dressdown / Amazon

Buy Now From Amazon


3. Personalised Paintbrush - £17.75 from Etsy

Make sure everyone knows who to compliment on a great decorating job by getting a personalised paintbrush for your talented decorator mate!

Personalised Paintbrush gift

Image Credit: Cove Calligraphy / Etsy

Buy Now from Etsy


4. Bristle 9 Ring Paperhanger - £18.50 from MyPaintbrush

This individually crafted, British made paperhanger is perfect for smoothing all types of wall coverings and has  9 rings for added strength. With a Beechwood handle, this paperhanger not only looks good but it makes for a great gift for any decorator you know.

Paperhanging brush gift

Image Credit: The Fox / MyPaintbrush

Buy Now From MyPaintbrush


5. Decorators Starter Pack - £120.00 from Dexters Workwear

Of course we have to include some of our products in here!

Our starter bundle for decorators allows you to choose two pairs of trousers or shorts, two interchangeable pocket sets, one belt and one t-shirt. This pack has all the essential workwear a decorator needs, and makes for a great gift.

Dexters starter bundle

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear


6. Decorators Pocket Set - £18.00 from Dexters Workwear

A great and handy gift, our pocket sets - which work in conjunction with our trousers - are easy to use and carry any tools you need for the tasks at hand.  Find out more about how they work here. 

Dexters pocket sets

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear


7. Decorators Front Pouch - £18.00 from Dexters Workwear

A handy little pouch for all the essential items needed in the daily life of any decorator - though unfortunately they’re not ideal to store any sneaky snacks!

Dexters painters pouch

Buy Now From Dexters Workwear


8. Awesome Decorator Notebook - £13.49 from Amazon

We all have that one friend who’s never organised - get your decorator mate this quirky notepad to help them stay on top of things!

Decorators notebook

Image Credit: Duke Gifts / Amazon

Buy Now From Amazon


9. Cling on! Brushkeeper - £39.99 from MyPaintbrush

This durable pail can hold up to 8 brushes at a time - and is specially designed on the inside to prevent rusting - keeping paint brushes clean and moist. The perfect gift for any decorator you know who has more paintbrushes than they can handle.

Brush holder

Image Credit: Cling On! / MyPaintbrush

Buy Now From MyPaintbrush


10. Painting Tool Kit - £20.95 from Amazon

This high quality kit contains a paint spraying gun along with filters, nozzles, needles, caps, user manual etc - everything any detail-oriented decorator will love. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Painting tool kit gift

Image Credit: Voilamart / Amazon

Buy Now From Amazon


We’re sure we’ve missed some good decorator gift ideas so let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re a decorator yourself, tag a mate as a hint for what to buy you!

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, have a look at our full decorators collection for more ideas.

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