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10 Gifts for the Carpenter in Your Life

Have a special someone in your life who’s a carpenter, or even a construction worker? Maybe your partner, a mate, a relative, or perhaps a good old neighbour.

With Christmas just round the corner, it’s now time to think about ideas on how to spoil all those great people in your life.

We’ve put together a list of ten different items you can gift to the professional carpenter - these amazing gifts work for just about anyone in the carpentry industry.

From basic handy tools to quirky gifts, here’s our carpenter gift guide:


1. Personalised Hammer - £13.98 from Amazon

Every carpenter most likely has a hammer already – but they probably won’t have this one with a personalised message!

Whether you want to put a name or a short message (or even a reminder not to spend their whole day making cups of tea or coffee) this will be of great use to them and also a great way to get a chuckle out of them during their day.


Personalised hammer

Image Credit: Simply Perfect Gifts / Amazon

Buy Now from Amazon


2. Evolution Carpenter Shirt - £6.95 from Amazon

Of course, behind every talented carpenter is a monkey. This unique shirt is a great gift for any carpenter you know with a great sense of humour!


Evolution of a Carpenter shirt

Image credit: Jonny Cotton / Amazon

Buy Now from Amazon


3. Carpenter Travel Mug -  £18.95 from Zazzle

Carpenters don’t exactly have the easiest jobs – long hours and strenuous work means they’re often tired. Make their day a little easier by giving them this quirky travel mug they can use on the go, to freshen up with a quick hot drink.


Carpenter travel mug

Image Credit: Zazzle

Buy Now from Zazzle


4. Sawdust Is Man Glitter Kitchen Apron - £18.20 from Zazzle

Cooking can be a lot of work and often requires some extra help.This apron is a brilliant gift – and also a nice way to get some more help in the kitchen!


Sawdust is man glitter apron


Image Credit: Zazzle

Buy Now from Zazzle


5. Carpenter Hat - £11.70 from Zazzle

A trucker hat is a must have for any carpenter or handy person and completes the stereotypical carpenters outfit – and it’s also great as a gift! We also have our own baseball hat at £12.90 if this one doesn’t feel right!


Carpenter hat

Image Credit: Zazzle 

Buy Now from Zazzle


6. Carpenters Starter Pack – £120.00 from Dexters Workwear

This gift guide would be incomplete without some of our own products - you can’t blame us for a bit of self-promotion... 

Our starter bundle for carpenters allows you to choose two pairs of carpenters trousers or shorts, two pocket sets, one hat, one belt and one t-shirt. This pack has all the essential workwear a carpenter needs, and makes for a great gift.


Carpenters starter pack

Buy Now from Dexters Workwear


7. Carpenters Pocket – £9.00 from Dexters Workwear

Our pockets, designed alongside our trousers, carry whatever you need for your task at hand, from hammers to chisels to drills. Find out more about how the pockets work here. A great gift for any carpenter mate who’s always misplacing their tools!

Carpenters pocket

Buy Now from Dexters Workwear


8. Power Tool Gloves – £16.20 from Dexters Workwear

A carpenter’s best tool? Their own hands.

Our power tool gloves will make sure these most precious tools are protected and comfortable at all times. Made from synthetic leather with silicone grips and one half finger glove, our gloves allow increased flexibility and efficient use of tools.

Power gloves

Buy Now from Dexters Workwear


9. Professional Chisel Set in Storage Case - £32.99 from Amazon

This 10-piece set complete with storage case includes a set of chisels, along with honing and sharpening tools – all in a case for quick and efficient use.

This set is ideal for any creative carpenter or woodworker who takes pride in their intricate design or styling.

Professional chisel set

Image Credit: VonHaus / Amazon

Buy Now from Amazon


10.   Engineers Squares Set -  £27.48 from Amazon

Carefully crafted from hand quality steel, the engineers squares set will be useful for any carpenter or construction worker.

This modern 4-piece set, packaged in a tidy storage case, is great for any carpenter who works hard to always be precise and accurate (we’d hope that’s all of them)!

Engineers squares set

Image Credit: Faithfull / Amazon

Buy Now from Amazon


We’re sure we’ve missed some good carpenter gift ideas so let us know on Facebook and Twitter - and we’ll add any into the guide. Or if you’re a carpenter yourself, tag a mate as a hint for what to buy you!

Or if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, have a look at our full carpenters collection for more ideas.

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